For almost five centuries the Jesuits have impacted the lives of people across the world through selfless service and pioneering work. Their contribution has been immense - from being School Masters in many parts of the world, to Masters of Language, to academicians, researchers, scientists, theologians and to supporting communities endangered by social conflicts and prejudice.

At the initiative of students, ex-students, collaborators, beneficiaries, friends and families of Jesuits, a worldwide movement is now underway to acknowledge their work by putting them in contact with the many disenfranchised groups in India and other parts of South Asia, who are either not aware of their services or who have not been attended to by their selfless and renowned services!

For the many millions of us across the world who have benefited and have been inspired by their work and guidance, here is an opportunity to push the narrative. We invite you to join this global initiative by signing your support for this initiative. In doing so you will be doing a great service to the people who require their counsel, help and attention.

Every signature is also a tribute to the Jesuits!

Also please refer this appeal to colleagues, friends, family and others you know by clicking on ‘refer a friend’.

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Editorials in
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Fr Edward Mudavessary, SJ
Provincial of South Asia

Fr Vernon D'Cunha, SJ
Provincial of Mumbai

Dr (Fr) Frazer Mascarenhas, SJ
St Xavier College, Mumbai

Fr Norbert Menezes, SJ
Jesuit Education Association, South Asia

Fr Myron Pereira, SJ
Former Director,
Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai

Fr Jude Fernandes, SJ
St Stanislaus School, Bandra, Mumbai

Fr Francis de Melo, SJ
Xavier Institute of Engineering, Mahim, Mumbai

'The values of service to the society has shaped me as a person.'

- Sanjukta Sharma
Deputy Editor, Mint Lounge
'The ex-students of whatever religion, caste, creed, all feel a part of the Jesuit Institution and are proud of it.'
- Sister Gloria Ferrao
Asst.Principal of a Jesuit School
'India without the Jesuits is something that cannot be conceived'

- George Menezes
Ex-President, Bombay Catholic Sabha
'It gave all it's students a lot more than just textbook education, it gave us all a sense of self belief and confidence'
- Indrajit Ray
St.Xaviers College, Mumbai, Batch of 1996
'Recounting moving stories of his missionary Brother in British Guyana'

- Emile Joshi
Brother of Pradeep Joshi S.J
'It was also about being in a space which gave you the opportunity to contribute to society in a very meaningful way'
- Rukmini Datta
St.Xaviers College, Mumbai, Batch of 1995
'I have thoroughly enjoyed my days with the Jesuits from 1942-1946'

- Dr. Celine Rodrigues
St.Xaviers College,Mumbai, Batch of 1942
'I feel this tribute is appropriate and extremely meaningful'

- Rubina Shaikh
'I support this tribute and would love to take part in whatever way I can'

- Ashish Bijlani
'15 years of Jesuit Education will always leave a mark on any individual'

- Brian Almeida
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